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>> Friday, October 30, 2009

Are You Taking Quality Nutritional Supplements?
October 17, 2009 by Isagenix Nutritional Sciences

If you want only the best for your body, then you don’t want to be purchasing from a company that settles for junk, especially when they’re selling it to you for a premium. When choosing nutritional products, it’s important to know what’s considered quality.

The problem of companies not properly evaluating quality of ingredients becomes all the worse in an environment where saving money is what counts. Some companies will simply avoid analyzing their raw materials.

Continual quality analysis is ever important. Not only should companies test raw materials for possible contamination with microbes, pesticides and heavy metals, but also to determine their potency. After all, it’s the potency of each ingredient that ultimately determines whether or not a finished product will satisfy customer’s needs.

For example, if a supplier provides a raw material for a botanical that doesn’t meet specified potency, then it’s up to a responsible company whose sights are set on quality to reject the material. Sometimes companies don’t reject poor quality raw materials from suppliers, but even more shocking is that when companies do reject materials, those materials often don’t get disposed of or destroyed.

The rejected batches just end up going on to the next bidder—companies who sell stuff cheap. And the trash they sell is often never tested beyond the federal requirement of “fingerprinting” each botanical powder to make sure it really is what it is. Too often enough, unfortunately, some companies even avoid doing the fingerprinting. These same disreputables are also known for tainting their products making them even cheaper.

The integrity of a dietary supplement company must be maintained through a “no compromise” quality policy. Such a company is Isagenix, for example, which spends millions of dollars annually just on analysis of ingredients. Upon receipt of raw materials, they are immediately quarantined and thoroughly inspected. The materials then go through rigorous tests for safety and purity. The company requires industry-standard evaluation methods to determine potency of each ingredient.

Only after full testing of ingredients does Isagenix allow finished products to be manufactured. They are only produced in facilities that meet and exceed Good Manufacturing Practices and are regularly audited by third-party qualified organizations. As if that wasn’t enough, the company goes the extra mile. To make sure that products are effective, Isagenix is one of the only companies in the world that has all finished products re-inspected and re-analyzed.

Why does Isagenix go through all the trouble and expense to do double-testing? To make sure every finished product will really achieve real end-results.

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