V F W hall party

>> Sunday, January 25, 2009

Have you ever felt like you stepped back in time simply by walking through the door of a VFW hall?
Past revisited is the best description I can give you as I continue to describe my little soiree at a 75th birthday party I attended last night.
You know the nightmare wedding reception we've all been to in the past? You arrive with pumped up courage and open the door to the unknown.
You feel like an immediate spot light is beaming directly at you. It's as if you are elevated and showcased. You might even suspect you are on Dragnet!
There is no room to hide, you can't turn back.
Disco man is on the side bar with Michael Jackson's tunes playing.
The kids are on the floor looking like little electrocuted monkeys doing their dance.
The spinning ball is casting weird shadows,.. making somewhat odd looking people look even odder.
Then you realize you look just as odd yourself.
You settle in and begin to have a great time. You become one of them.
It is the twilight zone revisited.
Welcome to my life. :-)


Some Fun Pictures

>> Saturday, January 17, 2009


New Blogger Alert!

Twitter is so much fun! I am just learning about blogging so if any of you have any tips and tricks email me!

I am joining my blog log, blog catalog and entrecard today. I joined Twitter last week so be sure to follow me! Click my cool twitter button on my side bar!


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>> Thursday, January 8, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

The main purpose for my blog is to enlighten others on the importance of nutritional cleansing.

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When a friend of mine called to tell me about the Isagenix system.

After trying so many other products and treatments with out success and with great hope I began using Isagenix products with full force!

Within 10 days! I was totally amazed to see and feel how much better I became.

Although Isagenix is NOT a medicine or is touting any cures,, it has such a completely solid nutritional base that it just loaded me up with nutrients which is just not available with our foods anymore.

Then cleansing on the deep cellular level, removed toxins from my body (the air we breathe, water, food all are loaded with toxins now) and this was amazing!

To educate myself in every way possible, I devoured all the literature on the Isagenix system and the man behind the product, John Anderson who (in my opinion) is probably the world’s greatest formulator.

Mr. Anderson wanted to bless others with his knowledge and felt he could do something to assist the state of obesity and connecting health issues of obesity.

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Lesslee B


Welcome to my new blog!

I am Lesslee Belmore and this blog is about living a healthy life.


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